About Live On Stage Marshalltown

Live on Stage Marshalltown (LOSM), an all-volunteer non-profit concert association, is excited to bring six concerts for the 2018-2019 season. The association previously known as the Marshalltown Community Concert Association (MCCA) has been bringing high-quality concerts to the Marshalltown, Iowa community for over 75 years, and looks forward to continuing that tradition for years to come. Live On Stage Marshalltown is also a proud member of the Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce.

Live On Stage Marshalltown is supported financially through the sale of annual subscriptions and the generous donations of patrons. The patron assistance helps us maintain the subscriptions’ fee at an affordable level for all members of our community. Your donation to the Patron Program will ensure the continued success of Live On Stage Marshalltown as we continually strive to improve the quality of the artists at an extremely affordable price.


President, Rachel Kenney
Vice President, Kathryn Bartling
Subscription Secretary, Rev. Kerry Carson
Recording Secretary, Judy Erion
Treasurer, Sharon Whaley


Ann Rubenbauer
Colette Benge
Marsha Bristley
Greg Brown
Judy Butler

Greg DeSaulniers
Bonnie Lowry
Lisa Purvis

Janine Erman
Michelle Evans
Bill Fitzgerald
Gloria Hanson
Julie Hitchins

Joe Latham
Michelle Roseburrough
Dr. Bruce Vircks
Marcia Ziel